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Is there a War on Christians in today’s Sports World?

Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the Clemson football program have been singled out recently as Chrisitan values coming under attack.

Jemele Hill wants black athletes to return to the 1960s

Progressive minds like Hill and the far left-wing political class have made it clear they want to strip you of your freedoms and your choice-making ability.

Does the NFL actually perpetuate a slavery mentality

Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins recently told GQ magazine that recent comments from his former owner made him feel like he was a slave again.

Why you never criticize the guy who signs your paycheck

The Miami Dolphins traded wide receiver Kenny Stills to the Houston Texans less than a month after his controversial tweet. It's not hard to understand why.

At one time we were all “Colonials.” Now, it’s offensive

George Washington University has started the ridiculous process of eliminating the term "colonial" around campus because it hurts feelings.

Stop the NFL Carli Lloyd talk, it’s beyond absurd

US Women's soccer star booted a 55-yard field goal during practice. That doesn't make her an NFL kicker.

That time a Little League champion was denied a White House visit

Remember when the 2015 U.S. Little League champs were denied a White House visit after President Obama extended an invite a year earlier?

Are politics playing into NASCAR’s decline in popularity?

Scour posts throughout social media and you’ll quickly see how identity politics is playing into racing and how fans are detaching themselves from the sport. 

Russell Wilson comes up a yard short on immigration

Russell Wilson refuses to discuss politics - but he’ll occasionally tweet about it, and like Super Bowl XLIX, even come up a little short. 

The Astros and media access in the age of Trump

Has President Trump's temperment fueled the manner in which athletes look at the media?

Louisville fires minority tennis coach over alleged racist remarks

Rex Ecarma allegedly was quoted as saying "How many Indians are going to walk in this building?" and "Whites are better than black people." 

Where’s the real fight for women’s equality in sports?

If this was truly about the fight for equality, then the women’s soccer team would be sharing headlines with three Connecticut female athletes who filed a federal discrimination complaint.

The absurd “wokeness” of the Jay-Z/NFL partnership

Jay-Z's partnership with the NFL doesn't need Kaepernick, who has actually done very little for social justice outside of taking a knee.

Who is Gregg Popovich to call out “fake” patriotism

The five-time NBA championship coach feels he has a license to define who’s an American patriot and who’s not in speaking to reporters at the Lakers practice facility Tuesday.

AOC picks a fight with Barstool Sports

AOC decided to chime in during an online feud between Portnoy and some guy named Rafi Letzer, who’s in the business of trying to unionize digital writers and social media employees.

John Daly gets no free pass for his golf attire

John Daly's golf attire with President Trump violated U.S. Code Title 36, Chapter 10, Section 176 under “Respect for the Flag”

Fencer takes a knee…Is this the new Olympic spirit?

It was only a matter of time before an American athlete would embarrass his country on the world stage. Fencer Race Imboden decided to take a knee on the podium at the Pan Am Games.

What Colin Kaepernick and his followers seem to forget

Polarizing quarterback Colin Kaepernick wanted to remind fans with a tweet that he's still ready for the NFL. Here's what they seem to forget.

How Gavin Newsom and the NCAA think a lot alike

The NCAA’s new rule and California's governor prove how highly authoritarian governing bodies can tailor their agenda towards someone they find irredeemable or jeopardizes their entities.

Is it a matter of time before MLB players get involved?

MLB has been the one league that has resisted crossing the white lines into the political arena. You wonder if that will change sometime soon.

John Elway discovers you can’t even like a Trump tweet

Broncos general manager and Hall-of-Fame quarterback John Elway was one of over 123,000 people to “like” Donald Trump’s early morning tweet about the media.

What the hell was Navy football thinking?

In coming up with a team motto for the upcoming season, the team’s elected senior captains decided to go with, are you ready for this, “Load the Clips.”

Megan Rapinoe hates Trump because “children are locked up and dying”

It doesn’t take long to realize that the USWNT star doesn’t exactly mean what she says, and now that she’s done a countless number of interviews, catching her in an obvious contradiction isn’t all that difficult.

Why don’t Baltimore’s sports greats get more involved?

But few people outside of the political arena want to point out how parts of Baltimore has deteriorated to where the city is one of the poorest and most dangerous in America.

U.S. Soccer feels a lot like U.S. Government: It shouldn’t be trusted

No matter what side you support in the ongoing rift between the USWNT and the U.S. Soccer Federation, this much remains true: There’s a complete distrust between the organization’s governing body and the members who comprise the national teams.

Barkley slams Democrats, but will still likely vote for one

Former NBA star and TNT analyst Charles Barkley tells it like it is when it comes to basketball, and he didn’t shy away from stating the obvious following Tuesday night’s debate in Detroit.

NFL rushing champ thinks a military flyover is the same as kneeling

It’s somewhat refreshing to see a pro athlete have an honest, civil (and to some degree intelligent) discussion on the state of political affairs. Recently, former NFL rushing champion Arian Foster sat down with Fox News host Tomi Lahren in her latest episode of “No Interruption.”
enes kanter

You think we live with a dictator? Kanter forced to cancel America

Want to see what a real fascist, oppressive and, dictatorial government looks like? It’s certainly not here in the United States.

One of the WNBA’s biggest stars thinks Russia is more capitalistic than America

I’m not exactly sure what Diana Taurasi studied at the University of Connecticut, but it certainly wasn’t free market enterprise or economics in a capitalist society.

Odell Beckham, Jr.: “Race plays into everything”

The biggest headline throughout the NFL offseason were the trades of two of the biggest, most productive wide receivers in football.

China appears to have a big cheater

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo may not have American Michael Phelps in the pool, but there could be some real drama leading up to the Summer Games with the opening ceremonies starting exactly one year to the day.

The USWNT claimed they’re about exclusion..except they’re not

USWNT goaltender Ashlyn Harris ripped into former teammate Jaelene Hinkle this past week by labeling her as “intolerant” and “homophobic” for her christian beliefs.

The WNBA has a domestic violence problem

Guess which league is now falling behind in its code of conduct? It’s hardly being discussed because very few people pay close attention to the WNBA, but the women’s professional basketball league has gained a reputation for having a domestic violence problem, which has been normally reserved for the NFL.

Ben Shapiro misses the mark on Megan Rapinoe

Conservative commentator and host of the number one conservative podcast in America Ben Shapiro provided some op-ed analysis on polarizing soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

The US was very TRiUMPhant in winning the World Cup

They were brash. They were emboldened. And they brought a certain American bravado into this year’s tournament in their quest to become the first US team to win back-to-back World Cup titles.

Why does Nike stand up for Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick lied to America when he said his stance was about “systemic oppression” and “police brutality” in the United States. Colin Kaepernick stated his position to kneel during our national anthem had nothing to do with the flag of the United States of America, but rather the injustices that take place in our society. Yes, you were fooled.

Why Americans shouldn’t look at Megan Rapinoe as a Role Model

Whatever you may think of US soccer star Megan Rapinoe, her disdain for the White House and the country she represents every time she wears the USA jersey began well before Donald Trump ever took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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