At one time we were all “Colonials.” Now, it’s offensive

by Roy Stewart


Thanks to a small, highly-sensitive minority of students George Washington’s “colonials” mascot appears to be going up in flames.

The term has been around since 1926 and until last spring few people considered a “colonial” as something that could strike a nerve.

Now the university has started the process of removing the ‘colonial’ term around the Washington D.C. campus. The student center once known as “Colonial Central” has been renamed “Student Services Hub” and the student cheering section that referred to itself as the “Colonial Army” will be rebranded as “George’s Army.”

All of this is in response to a student referendum that was conducted last spring. Of the 12,000 students enrolled the university, only 5,000 of those took part in the referendum and from that number 54 percent voted to change the name. So the school is caving into the wishes of 2700 students who for whatever reason feel offended.

Being referred to, as Webster defines it, a member of an inhabitant or a colony can lead to long-term psychological damage.

GW’s Young America’s Foundation, a Conservative movement, is pushing back against this small minority of students from hijacking the school’s history.


“The Colonial is a unifying symbol of American resilience; it represents the American attitude to stand up to those who seek to defy liberty and justice for all,” their statement read. “The referendum is an effort to divide the GW community, which GW YAF strongly opposes.”

Unfortunately, students today aren’t becoming educated as it pertains to the historical context of our nation, but rather indoctrinated, and nowhere is that more clearly evident than on college campuses.

Undergraduates now seem to have a negative perception of the “Betsy Ross Flag” not because it represents the 13 original colonies, but because virtue signalers like Colin Kaepernick find it offensive and oppressive.

The university adopted “colonials” over “Hatchetites” during the 1920s and if you dig through the school archives you can find an editorial explaining how appropriate the name was at that time:

What name could be more fitting? This, the school named after George Washington, and having as its colors the Continental Army buff and blue, the colors of Colonial America, should be entitled to bear the name of “Colonials” if any school is so entitled. George Washington University, in its antecedents, is a colonial school. Dating back to very early post-Revolutionary days, it was founded when the term “colonial” still applied to an era which was then passing. Let us then, in just regard for our precious heritage, adopt as the name for the warriors wearing the Buff and Blue the term “Colonials.”

But times, feelings, emotions and irrational behaivors are a changing. Now the school is considering “revolutionaries” as a possible replacement to “colonials” because that’s obviously so much more less sensitive.

Can this please be one of the next topics during the next Democratic Presidential debate? 

Senator and 2020 Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren should have a strong opinion considering she’s an alumnae of George Washington University. Warren is a colonial, or at least she used to be.    

If this is the path college students are traveling, then it’s time for the students at the University of Miami to step up and take offense at being called Hurricanes considering their school could be blown to shreds by one any day now.

All of this makes me think that If George Washington caved in the same manner as the school that bears his name, our country would have a different name as well.