Remember when baseball brought a country together?

Baseball and America were once intertwined into American culture, but the sport is on a rapid and sharp decline much like American patriotism, and you have to wonder if and when either will bring society back together again.

Not even a World Series can unite a deeply divided D.C.

Despite having a team reach the World Series for the first time since 1933, baseball attendance in D.C. dropped nearly 11 percent from last season.

The Astros and media access in the age of Trump

Has President Trump's temperment fueled the manner in which athletes look at the media?

Is it a matter of time before MLB players get involved?

MLB has been the one league that has resisted crossing the white lines into the political arena. You wonder if that will change sometime soon.

Why don’t Baltimore’s sports greats get more involved?

But few people outside of the political arena want to point out how parts of Baltimore has deteriorated to where the city is one of the poorest and most dangerous in America.

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