Did Lebron actually disrespect the anthem?

A week after his controversial comments where he took the side of his business interests against the pro-democracy protestors of Hong Kong, James pissed off people back here in the United States.

Please Lebron, call Shaq “uneducated”

During the season debut of TNT’s pregame show, Shaquille O’Neal stood up for Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey, who fired off a tweet supporting the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong.

As the NBA tips off…Be careful you don’t piss them off

Last month, Adam Silver and his corporate minions devised a new fan code of conduct with some very broad standards for what they deem to be acceptable behavior.

The Spineless Cowardice Steve Kerr

When asked about the conflict in Hong Kong and the NBA's relationship with China, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr offered ups an extremely lame excuse.

The NBA has completely lost its Moral Compass

By denouncing the tweet of Rockets GM Daryl Morey, the NBA aligns itself on the side human repression and Communist dictatorship.

The Flaws in Klay Thompson’s defense of The Bahamas

Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson is one of the most accurate shooters in the NBA. This week Thompson did not hesitate launching a few shots...

Who is Gregg Popovich to call out “fake” patriotism

The five-time NBA championship coach feels he has a license to define who’s an American patriot and who’s not in speaking to reporters at the Lakers practice facility Tuesday.

How Gavin Newsom and the NCAA think a lot alike

The NCAA’s new rule and California's governor prove how highly authoritarian governing bodies can tailor their agenda towards someone they find irredeemable or jeopardizes their entities.

Barkley slams Democrats, but will still likely vote for one

Former NBA star and TNT analyst Charles Barkley tells it like it is when it comes to basketball, and he didn’t shy away from stating the obvious following Tuesday night’s debate in Detroit.
enes kanter

You think we live with a dictator? Kanter forced to cancel camp..in America

Want to see what a real fascist, oppressive and, dictatorial government looks like? It’s certainly not here in the United States.

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