California Bill could shake Collegiate Athletics to its Core

SB 206 turns the entire competitive and economic ecosystems of college athletics upside down and represents the ultimate Pandora’s Box to the NCAA.

Is there a War on Christians in today’s Sports World?

Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the Clemson football program have been singled out recently as Chrisitan values coming under attack.

Jemele Hill wants black athletes to return to the 1960s

Progressive minds like Hill and the far left-wing political class have made it clear they want to strip you of your freedoms and your choice-making ability.

At one time we were all “Colonials.” Now, it’s offensive

George Washington University has started the ridiculous process of eliminating the term "colonial" around campus because it hurts feelings.

What the hell was Navy football thinking?

In coming up with a team motto for the upcoming season, the team’s elected senior captains decided to go with, are you ready for this, “Load the Clips.”

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