Deadspin: Stick to Sports because you Suck at Politics

by Cameron Coyle


The progressive leftist hack jobs at Deadspin aren’t very good at adhering to the wishes of their bosses.

On Wednesday, the sports-centric blog site fired longtime Deputy Editor Barry Petchesky for not “sticking to the sports” edict that upper management put in place earlier this summer.

As part of the Gizmo Media Group, Deadspin was purchased from Univision this past April which was then renamed G/O Media. Management made it clear they wanted a “sports only” content within the site, and that’s when the subordinates began to revolt.

Editor-in-chief Megan Greenwell left the site in August, and now came the sudden decision to can Petchesky.

Who knew something like this could possibly happen when you defiantly and blatantly oppose a company mandate. Petchesky then immediately took to Twitter in an effort to either drum up sympathy or get a leg up on his job search. 

“We believe that Deadspin reporters and editors should go after every conceivable story, as long as it has something to do with sports,” said Paul Maidment, G/O Media’s editorial director, “We are sorry that some on the Deadspin staff don’t agree with that editorial direction and refuse to work within that incredibly broad mandate.”

In an act of defiance the Deadspin staff began flooding the site with some of their previous non-sports content.

If you ever found yourself leaving the blog and not coming back, then there’s a good likelihood it may have been the result of their many irreverent attacks towards a Conservative or a Republican.

In October 2014, the blog ran a political hit piece on GOP Senate candidate Cory Gardner claiming he faked his football career. They screwed that up and and followed up with a retraction.

They attacked Texas Senator Ted Cruz by tweeting “Go eat shit” 

Two years ago and shortly after Arizona Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer Deadspin elected to run a very thought-provoking piece with the headline: “I Don’t Want To Hear Another Fucking Word About John McCain Unless He Dies Or Actually Does Something Useful For Once.”

And you can find any number of Anti-Trump stories written by their far-left wingers, including one of their most recent ones.

Displaying an outwardly anti-Conservative bias Deadspin has gone the way of ESPN, the television giant that has seen viewership plummet over the years as a result of their liberal stance towards sports and politics.

The union comprising of writers and editors called the changes in Deadspin’s content “undermining the nearly two decades of work writers have put into building a profitable brand with an enormous, dedicated readership.”

Regardless of what the collective progressives believe, you have no respect for the execs. They fund the entire operation. They make the decisions.

You may not want to stick to sports, but sticking it to your boss definitely won’t get you anywhere.