Did Lebron actually disrespect the anthem?

by Roy Stewart


At his current pace, Lebron James will find a way to somehow offend the people of Iceland.  

A week after his controversial comments where he took the side of his business interests against the pro-democracy protestors of Hong Kong, James pissed off people back here in the United States.

During Tuesday’s opener against the Clippers, LBJ decided to run around the court of the Staples Center and yell “Let’s Gooooooo!” before anthemist Tori Kelly completed the final line of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

James, showing little self awareness, is almost attempting to go out of his way to incite ill will, and those across Twitter were in obvious outrage towards his antics.

But allow me to bring some clarity to the situation.

Watch athletes of any sport during the final few seconds of the anthem and you’ll quickly notice how they’ve already tuned out.

Hockey players start skating around the rink in an effort to warm up their legs. Football players put on their helmets before the anthem is completed and even baseball players move about the dugout.

Ideally, many Americans would like to see all athletes stand in unison with their hands over their hearts, but that just doesn’t happen anymore. Now that Colin Kaepernick has ushered in a new era of anthem contempt, just merely standing should be acceptable practice.

James should be apologetic towards Kelly, the anthemist, more so than anyone else as he attempted to drown out her voice and steal away from her one glorious moment.

But Lebron, as he’s done on so many levels throughout his career, has to make it all about Lebron and his “look-at-me” antics.

Then again, when you’re no longer the best basketball player in the World (or now even in L.A. for that matter), you have to find other ways to draw people’s attention.