Jemele Hill wants black athletes to return to the 1960s

by Roy Stewart


Jemele Hill is one of the biggest race baiters in the sports media world.

She couldn’t steer away from her extreme view of politics during her days at ESPN, and as a result, she was suspended and her show with colleague Michael Smith was eventually canceled.

However the left-wing activist writing for the political blog, The Atlantic, has completely topped anything she has previously reported, stated or opined before  

In writing her first piece for the publication’s new magazine entitled, “It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges,” Hill essentially wants to reinstitute segregation by suggesting black athletes should enroll only in black colleges and universities, returning collegiate athletics to the time of the 1960s.

Even from the progressive-minded Hill, this is one of the most regressive ideologies you’ll ever come across, and as you might expect, the backlash Hill received was clearly warranted. 

The basis of her argument was that “black athletes have attracted money and attention to predominantly white universities”, mainly those in the Power 5 conferences, without being compensated for the millions of dollars they generate.

Of course, black athletes – which according to Hill comprise 55 percent of the football players in those conferences and 56 percent of basketball players – aren’t the only ones generating millions of dollars and they’re certainly not the only ones who aren’t being paid. 

No athlete is getting paid at any level, and that lack of compensation is the core principle of Hill’s entire argument. I will concur with Hill and others that argue that athletes should be paid, especially in sports that generate millions in revenue, and certainly if we embark on this ludicrous idea of “free” college tuition which would undermine the value of a collegiate scholarship.

But that’s a topic for another day.

My first initial thought to Hill’s outlandish article is clearly the numbers game. There’s simply not enough HBCUs to go around.  

Hill wants elite black athletes to play sports and attend HBCUs. Between the institutions in the MEAC (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference), the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference), plus Tennessee State and Hampton, 23 of those universities have a football program and 25 of those schools field a basketball team. 

In all, there are 255 member institutions at the FBS or FCS level and over 350 schools that play NCAA basketball. HBCUs don’t even comprise one-tenth of the colleges and universities that fall into this category, so you still have an overwhelming majority of black athletes who would be relegated to play at what Hill calls “predominantly white universities.”

Nothing would create bitter animosity more than telling a black athlete that he’s athletically not good enough for an all-black school, and consequently, forcing him/her to integrate with people of other races at these predominantly white universities.

Interestingly, Hill also writes that “some black students feel safer, both physically and emotionally, on an HBCU campus—all the more so as racial tensions have risen in recent years.”

Maybe some do, but across the board the numbers don’t back up her claim. More black students proportionately are choosing to attend diverse universities. In 1980, 17 percent of black students attended HBCUs. As of 2015, that number had been cut in half to 8.5 percent with universities desegregating coupled with more access to financial aid.

High-ranking college and universities are also taking in a larger proportion of underrepresented minorities.

But the most disturbing part of Hill’s piece is an element of today’s political climate that everyone should be deeply concerned about.

Progressive minds like herself and the far left-wing political class have made it rather clear they want to strip you of your freedoms and your choice-making ability.

The elected class in today’s society believes they’re the selected class, and the working class is simply not educated enough to make their own decisions that suit their lifestyle. Let the political elites and media types do it for you.

Hill wants black people to attend black universities as government has already taken over school loans from financial institutions. The Democrats running for President believe only Washington should manage health care. In their ongoing climate crisis, they want to eliminate the use of straws and the intake of meat. Eventually, you’ll be forced to purchase and drive a vehicle that doesn’t emit carbon emissions.

And if Democrats had it their way, they would eliminate speech they find offensive while knocking door-to-door as they confiscated guns from law-abiding citizens. Your rights are their priorities.

Hill’s do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do approach is really no different than the politicians she supports.

They want their constituents to support the Affordable Care Act, but you definitely won’t find one member of Congress utilizing it for their health needs.

They all tout the public school system and then send their own kids to private school.

And Hill can demand black athletes attend black colleges when she herself attended Michigan State University and its 7 percent minority enrollment. 

What if a black athlete growing up in a predominantly black community desired to attend an integrated society for the first time in his or her life?

Aren’t we all better people as a result of that? Isn’t diversity what progressives preach and who’s to say that only black coaches and administrators can only understand the plight and challenges of the black student-athletes.   

There’s a reason why Nick Saban can walk into the home of a black family and sell them on having their 18-year-old attend the University of Alabama. Saban’s recent press conference looking back at Muhsin Muhammad is one of the greatest sales pitches I’ve ever heard:

I trust the black athlete to make the decision that suits their best interests and that of their families. America is always best served when we all have a large menu to choose from, not one that’s hand-picked by politicians and progressive media pundits. 

None of what Jemele Hill writes should come as a shock. 

She’d be hard-pressed to find the silver lining if she was staring at a Raiders jersey. As you’d might expect, she was critical of the Jay-Z/NFL deal simply because it didn’t land Colin Kaepernick a job. She even referred to the music mogul as “an accomplice in the league’s hypocrisy.”

Remember, black America, you can only make the most important decisions in life as long as it meets Jemele Hill’s agenda.