Nike is Everything Wrong with today’s Society

by Cameron Coyle


The time has come to nuke Nike.

(No, not in the literal sense).

A company so full of BS, the only way the sportswear Goliath will ever collapse is if consumers completely abandon their product.

And why shouldn’t they? 

The swoosh is now representative of corporate greed devoid of American values, ever since they coined the phrase, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

The only thing Nike truly believes in is their bottom line, and they’ll sacrifice just about everything and everyone to get there. Sure, they care about human rights in the form of mural on the side of a skyscraper in Times Square, but don’t let that get in the way of one of their Southeastern Asian sweatshops, where they had utilized cheap labor for over four decades. 

In a very disturbing video op-ed in the New York Times (still capable of producing quality objective journalism when they’re not hyper-focused on their hatred surrounding President Donald Trump), American distance runner Mary Cain alleges Nike, coach Alberto Salazar and its Oregon Project of widespread physical, verbal and emotional abuse.  

Cain was told she needed to essentially starve herself in order to compete at an Olympic level. The result of which was a severe punishment of her body that saw her estrogen levels plummet to the point where she didn’t have a menstrual cycle for three years and broke five bones in her body. 

Nike’s Oregon Project was eventually shut down after Salazar was banned for four years for violating anti-doping rules and regulations. Since the story of Cain’s abuse surfaced this past Thursday, other athletes affiliated with Nike have begun to come forward. 

You know Nike is angling in the wrong direction when the progressive publication USA Today refers to your operation as “the Russia of sports performance companies.”

Perhaps more like East Germany back in the 1970s and 80s, but let’s not disguise Nike’s love for capitalism with anything and everything Communist. 

Just look at the manner in which NBA star Lebron James stood up against Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey and the Hong Kong protestors in their fight for liberty in an effort to protect his Nike assets in China while bowing down to their dictators.

James makes a reported $30 MILLION from Nike and together they’re booming business in China – which is really no different than any other corporate giant that does business overseas – but collectively they had a chance to take a stand against that country’s horrendous record on human rights and they bailed in the interest of greed.

In June 2017, The Guardian reported that more than 500 garment workers in Cambodia were hospitalized due to high temperatures and extended work hours, and even worse, Nike wasn’t reportedly paying them a “living wage,” considered to be just under $400 month.  

It’s convenient to stand up for Colin Kaepernick under the guise of first amendment freedoms and follow his advice when it comes to an American flag on the back of a tennis shoe, but stand up for something meaningful that might affect profit margins and all that “wokeness” you claim to have seems to hit the snooze button on a rainy Monday morning.  

Nike’s alignment in progressive politics has become almost fitting headquartered just outside of Portland, Oregon with a city and a Democratic mayor that outlandishly backs Antifa – the left-wing, militant, anarchist and “anti-fascist” group that has been caught terrorizing motorists and pedestrians on its city streets.   

It would only seem a matter of time before Nike endorses the black-hooded hooligans by running corporate sponsorship somewhere on their left shoulders.

Wouldn’t that be fitting? And yet, I’m not sure that would even damage their brand.

The world’s largest supplier in sports apparel, Nike’s North American sales rose 4% annually to $4.3 billion last quarter, and Wall Street expects Nike’s revenue to rise another 8% this year.

Nike will continue with this business model as long as business is booming.

Personally, I’ve made the decision a long time ago to “Just don’t do it!”