Here’s a pointless story that somehow made headlines. 

The Washington Post and USA Today seem rather upset that Major League Baseball didn’t gouge President Trump and the RNC for attending Game 5 of the World Series.

In a story the Post reported on Friday, the RNC paid face value for 30 luxury suites along the third base line near home plate. In all, the seats charged to the Republican National Committee totaled $14,000.

The Post’s “sleuth-like” reporting reached out to two RNC officials who had “knowledge of the arrangement” – which makes it sound like it was some back-alley deal completed in the underground tunnels of the Capitol building.

It was merely a simple, legal transaction and the far left-leaning press is thoroughly disappointed that Republicans weren’t forced to scalp World Series tickets on the secondary market, especially considering how loudly the President was booed by the partisan D.C. crowd at Nationals Park.

The luxury suite seats – reserved for league use – were considerably cheaper than the $1,000 standing-room only tickets that were being sold on StubHub and other secondary markets. 

The Post seems to be implying that if baseball fans were foolish enough to pay this much money for SRO tickets, then Congressional Republicans should have been forced to fork over at least four times that amount for their luxury seats.  

If the Washington Post or USA Today was truly interested in real, investigative journalism involving Major League Baseball’s ticket selling practices, then they would dig into the resale market where the Nationals organization profitted royally from the significant markup during their three World Series games.    

But that doesn’t appeal to their anti-Trump readership.

A White House official also told the Post it would have been impossible for President Trump and his wife Melania to sit anywhere else due to Secret Service safety requirements, so a Nationals Park luxury suite had to suffice.

Continuing with the Post’s far-left slanted story, they also added “Trump decided which members of Congress to invite largely based on their perceived loyalty to him.” 

Of course, why would the President ever invite any Democrat who has spent the better half of the past three years working and conspiring towards his impeachment, especially if the seats were purchased by the RNC? 

Another foolish and ridiculous take on the part of the Post.

Then again, if the WaPo is so ridiculously concerned over the purchase of World Series tickets, why bother contacting the buyer instead of the seller? The RNC merely put in the purchase request.

Shouldn’t the newspaper’s beef reside with Major League Baseball regarding this matter? They sold thousand of other seats (at face value) to Nationals season-ticket holders. Where’s the inquiry into those ticket sales? 

Keep in mind, this isn’t an article that you would ever see reported during the days of the Obama or even the Clinton Administration, because the story is an irrelevant one. Former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer told the Post he was never asked who paid for Bush’s trips to ballgames.

So why ask now?

Apparently, the Washington Nationals organization doesn’t harbor the same degree of resentment of their fans or their local media with a celebration scheduled for the White House on Monday.

The Washington Post better dig deep to find out who’s on the hook for this.