The Spineless Cowardice Steve Kerr

by Cameron Coyle


Where’s Michael Jordan when you need him to punch Steve Kerr in the face one more time?

If you glossed over Kerr’s Twitter account, you might think the Golden State Warriors head basketball coach does more research for NBC’S Chuck Todd than he does in preparation for the upcoming NBA season.

He appears to have his finger on the very pulse of all things political retweeting everything and everyone from Barack Obama, Ted Lieu and perhaps more than anything else, The Onion – which is literally fake news.

But in all fairness to the talking heads of CNN and MSNBC, no one seems to be giving off the appearance of being more fake these days than Kerr himself.

If it’s anti-Trump or anything pertaining to mass shootings or border security, Kerr is ready to go on his political rampage, because that’s what the majority of left-leaning Californians do when the progressive-minded media sticks a microphone in their face. 

A couple years ago it was Kerr who dropped the line that the US should “not be building some stupid wall for billions of dollars that has nothing to do with our safety.”

Of course, the Democratic politicians Kerr supports all believed in border security as recently as ten years ago. Since Kerr is now this big proponent in the mass influx of migrants when will the coach open up his doors after recently purchasing a $7.3 million home in the exclusive Presidio Heights community last year?

You might also think that Kerr would have the slightest inkling of knowledge regarding the escalating tensions that have gone on in Hong Kong over the past several months, especially given the large Asian-American influence in Northern California.

But since the Hong Kong-China conflict has nothing to do with Trump, there’s nothing to see here as it pertains to Kerr. 


If Trump was involved in the Hong Kong situation, Kerr would have offered up an opinion before the question was even asked.

Kerr isn’t oblivious. 

He knew this line of questioning was coming considering the recent tweet of Rockets GM Daryl Morey, who supported Hong Kong’s pro-freedom stance, the NBA’s apology, and consequently China’s decision to cancel games and the communist government’s decision not to broadcast preseason games.  

Instead, Kerr elected to play stupid when a reported asked, “Do you have any thoughts on that situation?”

“Actually, I don’t,” Kerr said surprisingly, “It’s a real bizarre international story and a lot of us don’t know what to make of it. So it’s something I’m reading about just like everybody else.”

Bizarre? Bizarre is what you get when you come across a water-skiing squirrel. The events in Hong Kong are tragic and a real and existential threat to their lives, freedoms and liberties.

Kerr should understand this fully especially after admitting that his brother-in-law is (are you ready for this one) a Chinese history professor.

“I emailed him today to tell me what I should be learning about all this,” Kerr added.

In other words Kerr admits he needs someone to spoon feed him an opinion on the subject because he apparently isn’t capable of forming one on his own. This is what happens when someone who leans so far left doesn’t know how high to look up the progressive totem pole.

How should this make me feel with the chorus of outraged Democrats and how will it impact my “wokeness” are the boxes that Kerr has to check off when sorting through his political talking points.  

Coupled that with the NBA and China’s business partnership as the two sides are creating a global empire, and this is the moment where you swallow your hardline attitudes on human rights so you don’t piss off the Communist oligarchs. 

Kerr can disregard matters halfway across the world, but he can’t ignore that San Francisco is an absolute mess. 

Just read the San Francisco Chronicle. 

So perhaps the Silicon Valley sports media should start peppering Kerr with questions that directly affect his backyard (well, not really his backyard).

  • Are you ashamed of the rapidly growing number of homeless people in this area?
  • How do you combat the growing drug problem where users are now leaving needles on the streets?
  • What do you think of your city when you see human feces scattered like’s a boarding school for canines? 

“What I’ve found is that is that it’s easy to speak on issues that I’m passionate about,” Kerr told the reporter.

Considering I haven’t read one word regarding the rampant decline of San Francisco, I can only assume he’s not passionate about the city or the fans who pay for tickets so he can live in Presidio Heights.

A writer from The Guardian recently opined that Kerr would be an incredible president because he’s “an essential voice for reason.”

Good luck picking up votes outside of California, and Kerr needs to go a few more rounds with Jordan for reason to start kicking in.