Where’s the real fight for women’s equality in sports?

by Roy Stewart


“The worst form of equality is to try and make unequal things equal.” – Aristotle


The women’s soccer team wants you to believe they’re fighting for all things equal.

Equal pay, equal treatment and equality across the board.

Their case against the U.S Soccer Federation is now scheduled to go to trial after a judge set a court date for May 2020. 

And upon hearing all the evidence if a jury determines that the women’s team has been discriminated against, then by all means, they deserve to be compensated to the fullest. 

But don’t kid yourselves, this is about their fairness and their place at the table, and really nobody else. The US Women’s National Team is part of a political agenda that has been weaponized by the progressives and the media alike.

It’s important to know they don’t speak for ALL women, especially where there’s a much bigger story that has garnered so little attention.

If this was truly about the fight for equality, then the women’s soccer team would be sharing headlines with three Connecticut female athletes who filed a federal discrimination complaint. 

The three high school girls are asking for an investigation into transgender women competing in a high school track and field event after they finished 1-2 in the 55-meter dash at the Connecticut girls Class S indoor track meet.

The complaint also states transgender girls have been consistently winning track and field events and the state’s policy violates federal protections for female athletes. 

However, by losing out to the transgender community, these three biological women claim they’re not just losing on the track, but potentially missing out on the potential of earning collegiate scholarships.  

The conservative Christian law firm Alliance Defending Freedom filed the complaint on behalf of the girls asking for an investigation into the policy that allows transgender women to compete with biological women.

Connecticut is one of 19 inclusive states where no hormones or surgery is required. If you identify as female, you can play. That simple.

“Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field,” said Christiana Holcomb, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. 

Which sounds a lot like the same argument the USWNT have been running with since the lead up to the World Cup.

But if we can’t establish what’s an even playing field as it pertains to the spirit of competition, then how can we justify other aspects of equality when we’re not willing to stand up and fight for the most fundamental one?

All six of the Democratic candidates running for President have been outspoken on the rights of women, but I’d like to see them debate this one.

Want to know what would happen if a woman of high integrity actually came out in opposition? Ask tennis great Martina Navratilova, who opined against transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

“It’s insane and it’s cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair,” Navratilova said.

Martina found out just how unfairly she can be treated as the LGBTQ advocacy group Athlete Ally expelled her from their advisory board on charges of “transphobia.”   

Of course, there’s nothing transphobic about it. It’s more mind-boggling than anything and it’s simple biological fact. There’s not one single world record in swimming, weightlifting or track and field where a woman’s mark exceeds that of a male.

The average male athlete is composed of more muscle mass with larger average hearts producing higher VO2 levels, but with the injection of female hormones we’ve apparently created some great equalizer amongst athletes.

And we’re now led to believe this is somehow proven science?    

The debate has shifted to England as transgender athlete Maxine Blythin is tearing up the Women’s Cricket Southern League. It has sparked outrage among the campaign group Fair Play For Women, and they’re not buying any of it.   

“Opening up the women’s game to cross-dressing males who do nothing more than ‘identify as a woman’ shows utter contempt for the women’s game,” said group director Dr. Nicola Williams, “The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) say they are proud of their ‘inclusive policy’ when in reality this policy will exclude women from their own game.”

Transgender athlete Maxine Blythin standing between teammates

One day, it will really strike a nerve here in the United States. 

It won’t be long when we see a transgender athlete identifying as female claim an Olympic gold medal, a world championship or perhaps even lead their team to a World Cup trophy.

At the expense of an American athlete.

And when that eventually happens, who will have the courage to take up that fight for equality?