Trump Cheered in spite of an Alabama Op-Ed

by Roy Stewart


It was a sea of cheering red in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The color reserved for the Crimson Tide and the Republican Party showed their unwavering support for their football team and the 45th President of the United States Saturday afternoon. 

Donald Trump along with wife Melania were met with a rousing applause from the sellout crowd over 102,000 people at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

The President sat in a suite at the 50-yard line as he acknowledged the applause from the fans in the stands just prior to the opening kickoff between #1-ranked LSU and #2-ranked Alabama.

Alabama, which hasn’t voted for a Democrat in the General Election since Jimmy Carter in 1976, is certainly considered Trump country. The President won the Yellowhammer State by a wide margin in 2016 over Hillary Clinton garnering over 1.3 million votes.

Several fans were wearing the signature MAGA red hats in the suites next to Trump. 

The reception was a stark contrast to the unwelcoming committee from the Democratic partisan crowd at Game 5 of the World Series in D.C. last month.

Interestingly,, ran an opinion piece from some guy named Mario Artecano on Thursday commanding students to boo the President. 

   His rationale was “because it is YOUR future he is destroying with a catastrophic disregard for the environment, and reckless foreign policy, and trillion-dollar deficit spending. You need to boo to show that you are not OK with racially divisive language and victim blaming. You need to boo because this will be your mess to clean up.”

Obviously the Alabama student body didn’t quite see it that way.